Oversight of Election Campaign and Political Party Financing



Report on the oversight of political party funding 2020

As a rule, the parties represented in Parliament and their district organisations and women's organisations comply well with the funding regulations. However, statutory disclosures have not been filed on all contributions to the organisations. After the audits, a significant number of retroactive disclosures have been filed, which has improved the transparency of political party funding.

Report on the oversight of political party funding in 2020


Each year, the National Audit Office of Finland audits political party funding and the government subsidies granted to political parties, i.e. party subsidies. As a rule, the district organisations of the parties represented in Parliament comply well with the funding legislation. However, the National Audit Office also found inadequacies and unlawful procedures when examining the disclosures of so-called small parties.

Report on the oversight of political party funding in 2019

The National Audit Office (NAOF) oversees election campaign and political party funding and receives and publishes documents specified in the Act on Political Parties and the Act on a Candidate's Election Funding.

Election campaign funding

Political party funding

On these pages, you will find the disclosures filed by individual candidates and political parties, election funding disclosures for each election and the financial statements of individual political parties.

The National Audit Office (NAOF) has been responsible for the oversight of election campaign funding since 1 May 2009 and for the oversight of political party funding since 1 September 2010. From the year 2000 until the end of April 2009, the election funding disclosures for municipal elections were filed with the central election committees of individual municipalities and in other elections with the Ministry of Justice. For more information about the election results and information services, political parties, registration of a political party, general elections and the manner in which they are conducted, go to the vaalit.fi website of the Ministry of Justice.