Oversight of Election Campaign and Political Party Financing

Ex-post notification from 2020 - Parliamentary elections 2019

A. Discloser’s details

Flöjt, Mika yhteiskuntatieteiden maisteri, tutkija
Vihreä liitto Oulun vaalipiiri
Name of the candidate’s potential support group:

B. Loans and itemisation of support received to pay loans

If the candidate, the candidate’s support group or any other association that solely supports the candidate has taken out a loan to cover the campaign costs, the party obligated to provide information must declare the amount of the loan and any donations of at least
1. Remaining loan taken out by the candidate and the support group 16 720,23 eur
Name of the loan : Repayment schedule/loan period : Loan amount itemised :
Pankkilaina 15 000 viimeinen erä 6/2024 10 760,32 eur
Ismo Hämäläinen 6000 2025 3 660,00 eur
Matti Alatalo 2023 1 500,00 eur
Luottokortti 1000 2022 800,00 eur
2. Support received to pay the loan total and an itemisation of the donations eur
a. Name of company/corporation : Business ID or reg. no : Amount of support itemised :
b. Private persons (the name of a private person who has donated less than may not be declared without their express consent) 1500 €):
First names : Last name : Domicile : Amount of support itemised :

C. Additional information

Published: 13.4.2021