Thank you for filing an advance disclosure in the European elections

22.5.2024 17:00

A responsible candidate discloses their election campaign funding openly. An advance disclosure of the election campaign funding in European Parliament elections can be filed between 10 May and 8 June 2024.

Report on the oversight of political party funding 2023

19.3.2024 12:00

The reporting on political party funding has been inadequate. Statutory disclosures have not been filed on all contributions received by political parties and party associations. After the audits, a large number of retroactive disclosures have been filed, which has improved the transparency of political party funding.

Report on the oversight of election campaign funding in the 2023 parliamentary elections

5.12.2023 12:00

The National Audit Office has overseen compliance with the obligation to disclose election funding and election campaign costs in the 2023 parliamentary elections as prescribed by law.